Communication coaching
and cross-cultural training

For international leaders and
managers working in English

Improve your communication and cultural confidence


Increase your impact and performance

Fast-track your business and career growth

For leaders and managers

How could effective communication skills and cross-cultural training accelerate your team’s delivery?

Communication coaching cross cultural training for leaders managers 1
  • You are the leader of a global team working virtually, building business with English-speaking customers.
  • You’ve seen and experienced the challenges of cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications, that can cause frustration internally in the team, and could result in lost business.
  • Virtual global teams can struggle to create conversations which connect with each other, and with their international customers that can expand relationships and grow the business.
  • I help your team to develop their cultural intelligence, engage with customers confidently, build strong relationships within the team, and deliver results which increase business growth.
Communication coaching cross cultural training for leaders managers 1
Communication coaching and cross cultural training for individuals

For individuals

How could communication and cross-cultural coaching help fast-track your career?

Communication coaching and cross cultural training for individuals
  • You are an ambitious, global leader or manager who lacks confidence in communicating in English and finds meetings challenging when you need to lead the agenda.
  • You feel anxious and stressed in meetings with senior managers because you struggle to express yourself clearly, concisely and persuasively.
  • You don’t feel you’re able to fully express your expertise, opinions and personality, which is holding you back from reaching the next level.
  • I help you to speak up confidently, lead the conversation and influence effectively.

Culture Cuppa provides communication coaching and cross cultural training

communication coaching and cross cultural training

I’m Victoria Rennoldson and in my previous career working in international teams in large, global corporates, I had real-life experience of the communication and cultural gap.

I saw talented professionals who didn’t contribute their valuable expertise to the team and the business, because they felt unable to speak up, share their voice, and this made them less visible as colleagues.

As a communication coach, I understand the real needs and pressures of communicating professionally in English and the cultural challenges of working successfully in global teams, which motivates my work with individual and corporate clients all over the world.

communication coaching and cross cultural training

The value of communication coaching and cross-cultural training

These are the benefits which our clients tell us they experience after our programmes

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Improve your communication and cultural confidence


Increase your impact and performance

Accelerate your business and career growth

How Culture Cuppa can support you

These bespoke programmes combine a framework designed for results with specific tailoring to your needs and circumstances

For individuals

9 steps to
Communication Confidence
9 steps to Communication Confidence
Improve your communication confidence in English

Communicate at a higher level, clearly and concisely with confidence, whatever comes up in your meetings and presentations. 

For leaders and managers

Productive Global Team Communication
Productive Global Team Communication
Enhance your team’s communication, connection and rapport

Build more effective communication in your team and with your customers to accelerate business growth.

Cross cultural Success
Develop cultural intelligence for successful global projects

Improve your team’s cultural intelligence capabilities for working successfully across borders.

How to increase your impact and fast-track your business and career

Step 1

Let's talk

Set up a time to discuss your challenges

Step 2

Choose your programme

We customise our programmes to your needs

Step 3

Fast-track your success

Progress your personal & performance goals

What clients say

Our clients’ feedback is very important to us and we love to share what they think about the results and value our programmes bring to themselves, their team and organisation.

“Victoria’s tailor-made coaching helped me to reach my next level in English and better perform in my new career step. I feel more confident and spontaneous, I better understand and navigate British culture and feel more relaxed while having more impact in meetings, presentations and conversations. Victoria brings her perspective, experience and valuable advice to push me to go further.”

Aurelie Marais Machurat

Aurelie Marais Machurat
Digital & Innovation Director
Bouygues Construction UK, relocated from France

“We at FOCUS have been working with Victoria for a few years already on different matters such as cross cultural and communication training. She can engage with a full room thanks to her various skills. Victoria’s workshops are fun and clever which makes them very attractive and always a huge success.”

Gael Panhelleux

Gael Panhelleux
Executive Director

“As a Dutch company, we felt our team needed a better understanding of British culture to make sure we are on top of our game in helping our clients. Victoria is a very dedicated and knowledgeable trainer, and provided us with the right tools to bridge the culture gap to improve the way we do business in the UK.”

Sjors Hemmen

Sjors Hemmen
Business Development
Marketing agency
The Netherlands

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