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Practical communication skills and tips, confidence strategies and cultural intelligence insights for working successfully in global teams

Culture Cuppa’s NEW podcast, Cultural Communication Confidence, is for global leaders who want to improve their communication and cultural confidence when working in English for impact, performance, business and career growth.

Each episode is hosted by Victoria Rennoldson, CEO and Founder of Culture Cuppa, where she shares practical communication skills and confidence strategies, plus cultural intelligence insights for working in global teams.

Grow your impact and influence through confident cultural communication.

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“Victoria manages to put into perspective real scenarios I see day to day, after working for more than 15 years in international corporations. Straight to the point, sharing ideas I can go and put into practice just after listening. My new go-to podcast! Highly recommended.”

“I love this podcast with Victoria- it is so friendly, clear and has a great energy. The topics she discusses and helps us with are highly important for our globally connected world today.”

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“This is extremely helpful information, skills and tips to help the global tribe reach the next levels of enlightenment and performance. Victoria’s podcast is absolutely essential for all leaders doing business across regions and borders. Highest recommendation!”

Listen in to the latest:

culture cuppa birthday gratitudes

Birthday gratitudes

culture cuppa cultural values not stereotypes

Cultural Values, not stereotypes

culture cuppa listening a radical decision

Listening – a radical decision

culture cuppa the new rules of meetings

The new rules of meetings

culture cuppa networking conversation strategies

Networking conversation strategies

culture cuppa non verbal communication

Making your non-verbal communication work

culture cuppa difficult conversations

Handling difficult conversations

culture cuppa overcoming team cultural and communication challenges

Overcoming team cultural & communication challenges

culture cuppa effective professional emails

Effective, professional emails

culture cuppa why do we need small talk

Why do we need small talk?

culture cuppa humour in your communication

Humour in your communication

culture cuppa 5 big ideas for 2023 in communication and CQ

5 big ideas for 2023 in Communication and CQ

culture cuppa how to fast track your communication next year

How to fast-track your communication for next year

culture cuppa your communication performance review

Your communication performance review

culture cuppa roadmap to presentation success

Roadmap to Presentation Success

culture cuppa how to get around a no

How To Get Around a No

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