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These bespoke programmes combine a framework designed for results with specific tailoring to your needs and circumstances

For individuals

9 steps to
Communication Confidence
Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio
Improve your communication confidence in English

Communicate at a higher level, clearly and concisely with confidence, whatever comes up in your meetings and presentations. 

For leaders and managers

Productive Global Team Communication
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Enhance your team’s communication, connection and rapport

Build more effective communication in your team and with your customers to accelerate business growth.

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Develop cultural intelligence for successful global projects

Improve your team’s cultural intelligence capabilities for working successfully across borders.

How to increase your impact and fast-track your business and career

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Progress your personal & performance goals

NEW from the podcast and blog

Practical communication skills and tips, confidence strategies and cultural intelligence insights for working successfully in global teams

Culture cuppa 008 how to improve your cultural intelligence

How to improve your Cultural Intelligence

CQ (cultural intelligence) is powerful and it can make the difference between success and failure when working globally, leading multicultural teams and with international customers …

Culture cuppa 010 your confidence journey

Your confidence journey

Where are you on your confidence journey for communicating? Do you recognise your comfort zone when communicating in different contexts and with different groups of people? Learn the action steps …

Culture cuppa coping with online meeting issues

Coping with online meeting issues

One of the areas that my clients find challenging is communicating effectively in English when there is no visual element, for example, when on audio-only calls and when the video is switched off.

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Keys to Confident Communication

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Learn the keys to confident communication in English, for international professionals who want to improve their performance, results and career growth.

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