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Masterclass bundle: our most popular masterclasses

Why I founded Culture Cuppa

Masterclass bundle: our most popular masterclasses

I am Victoria Rennoldson, culture and communication coach, and the founder of Culture Cuppa. I was born in and now live with my family in London, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, with over 300 languages spoken.

In my previous career working in international teams in large, global corporates, I saw talented professionals who couldn’t contribute their full valuable expertise to the team and the business, because they didn’t always feel able to speak up and share their voice. The result was that they didn’t fully shine, they became less visible than their colleagues, and the team didn’t get the benefit of their knowledge and skills.

In my view, this communication and cultural gap is a huge waste of talent and valuable ideas for your business. This is why I am passionate about achieving an equal share of voice for everybody in multicultural and multilingual teams, when you are working in English. My business was born.

I am now excited to work as a culture and communication coach with individuals and teams all over the world, who need help with communicating professionally in English and with the cultural challenges of working successfully in global teams, plus with international customers and partners.

Personally experiencing the communication and cultural gap

Confident English Communication

Communication and culture were always my path. Studying languages took me to different parts of the UK to experience the diverse cultures of our country, and to living, studying and working in Russia and Germany. I very much enjoyed working in diverse global teams in my career in marketing, and regularly communicated with or travelled to Germany, France, Italy, the US and Greece, where I experienced many of the communication and cultural challenges my clients experience today.

Every day I feel grateful to work as a culture and communication coach with clients from many different cultures, which I find enriching and a great learning experience, and we have worked with people from over 40 countries.

Confident English Communication

How to increase your impact and fast-track your business and career

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Victoria Rennoldson, Prepare for Interview Success


Victoria Rennoldson, Prepare for Interview Success

The Culture Cuppa mission is to help ambitious global leaders and teams to achieve their performance and career dreams with our culture and communication coaching and training​ programmes.

We want you and your team to feel able to share your voice and expertise spontaneously, speak up authentically with your full personality, and develop your cultural intelligence​ for improved ways of working.

This means you will expand your confidence and visibility​, build connections and develop relationships within your global team and externally with customers​, that increase your impact and influence​.

Ultimately, this results in delivering your projects more efficiently and on time, working exceptionally well together as high-performing individuals in the team​, and developing strong connections with your customers.

Our values lie at the heart of Culture Cuppa

Value Authentic Connection

Authentic Connection​

Enabling you to speak authentically, so you speak up and show up as who you are, in your full personality​, and we are passionate about connecting to you as our client so we understand what you really need to reach your goals.

Value Achieving Growth

Achieving Growth​

Improving your communication confidence enables you to perform better as a leader of the team, developing team spirit, personal career and business acceleration. Growth for us is about continually improving our ways of working, bringing the latest approaches, developing new areas of expertise, and giving the best to our clients.

Value Boldness


Fast-track your confidence when you express your views​, insights and expertise, influence with boldness your senior managers and stakeholders, and accelerate towards your ambitious personal and business goals. We show up boldly to share our ideas, vision and insights. ​

Value Positivity


Helping you to foster positive self-belief as you take each step on your self-development journey​. Positivity runs through everything we do from encouraging our clients, the energy and enjoyment we bring to all our interactions with clients, and our optimistic approach to our work.

How we work

Interview Confidence

I am the lead culture and communication coach, and your key contact for all Culture Cuppa programmes, and you also have the benefit of working with my select team of trainers, who bring their complementary skills in communication coaching and cross cultural training. This allows us to help more people, offer our programmes to both individuals and large companies, and bring the value of our programme globally.

Because you and your team are individuals, we work with you to personalise and design bespoke solutions for your communication skills training and intercultural skills development.

Interview Confidence
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Virtual training globally

The majority of our individual and team programmes are delivered virtually, on your preferred platform, at a time which suits you. Our team are very experienced in creating engaging, energising and interactive sessions, and we work virtually to be able to support you, wherever you are based around the world.

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In-person workshops

Team workshops are also available in person. Let’s talk about your requirements and how we can create the best training solution for your team.

How Culture Cuppa can support you

These bespoke programmes combine a framework designed for results with specific tailoring to your needs and circumstances

For individuals

9 steps to
Communication Confidence
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Improve your communication confidence in English

Communicate at a higher level, clearly and concisely with confidence, whatever comes up in your meetings and presentations. 

For leaders and managers

Productive Global Team Communication
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Enhance your team’s communication, connection and rapport

Build more effective communication in your team and with your customers to accelerate business growth.

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Develop cultural intelligence for successful global projects

Improve your team’s cultural intelligence capabilities for working successfully across borders.

The value of communication on coaching and cross-cultural training

These are the benefits which our clients tell us they experience after our programmes

Victoria Rennoldson, Prepare for Interview Success

Improve your communication and cultural confidence


Increase your impact and performance

Accelerate your business and career growth

What clients say

Our clients’ feedback is very important to us and we love to share what they think about the results and value our programmes bring to themselves, their team and organisation.

“Victoria has been coaching me to develop my professional communication and cultural skills, to increase my confidence, impact and influence with global teams in my business. I particularly value her as a counterpart who helps me develop communication approaches for my meetings, presentations and writing by giving me the tools, exercise and specific feedback to improve my performance, and these build better connections with my clients that deliver results. Ultimately Victoria’s coaching saves me time, as I can communicate in a more productive way, avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunications. Victoria is very professional, and she creates bespoke approaches, responding well to my needs in our individual coaching sessions.”

Simone Pestalozzi

Simone Pestalozzii
General Manager
Causasoft (services) Ltd.

“Victoria is a very professional and engaging English coach. She always brings her positive vibe, energy and extensive knowledge in the field. So when you are struggling with connecting with English-speaking teams, making successful small-talk or improving your social English skills, she is the one who can definitely help.”

Merit Fimberg Espuch

Merit Fimberg-Espuch,
Estonian Chamber of Commerce

“When I relocated to the UK, I chose this individual coaching programme to develop my professional English communication, but also understand the basis of British culture. Victoria gave me concrete examples and practical tools to understand meeting codes and use appropriate communication styles. I now feel more confident and comfortable to start a meeting in front of a large audience.”

Morgane Jossic

Morgane Jossic
Senior R&D and Innovation Manager
Bouygues Construction UK
relocated from France

Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio

Why did we call our business Culture Cuppa?

Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio

A cuppa is a British word for a cup of tea, and I believe how we say and do things is driven by our cultural contexts. I want people to really understand each other well, communicate at a more nuanced level, and interact in culturally diverse situations. I want to support global leaders and managers to communicate confidently and naturally in English, and develop great rapport with their global teams and customers. A cuppa is a great way to connect and build conversations. And I love a cuppa of course!

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Victoria Rennoldson is qualified in:

Cultural Intelligence certified facilitator 2
Cultural Intelligence certified facilitator

CQ certification from the Cultural Intelligence Center.
Train-the-Trainer programmes from the Cultural Intelligence Center

mybrain mind master practitioner

Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience for People Development with MyBrain International 

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Cultural Intelligence certified facilitator
Cultural Intelligence certified facilitator 2
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