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Culture Cuppa and Global Chamber®

Victoria Rennoldson and Culture Cuppa

Victoria Rennoldson is the CEO and founder of Culture Cuppa. She helps international leaders and cross-cultural teams to grow themselves and their businesses globally. Her mission is to connect people through the power of communication and cultural intelligence, helping teams to work exceptionally well together as high-performing individuals and developing strong connections with their customers and partners. She is a podcast host, speaker & writer.

Global Chamber®

A growing, global community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world, focused on helping companies grow with less risk within and across metropolitan areas. We are the only organization in the world with hundreds of locations that helps executives grow sustainable business through warm connections and virtual services. We provide members with trusted connections, training and information to grow, helping members connect with customers, partners, employees and experts to grow across metros and borders.

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Why Global Chamber recommends Culture Cuppa:

“We strongly recommend Victoria and Culture Cuppa to our Global Business members who are looking to do business across borders. Applying the knowledge that Victoria offers leaders in Global Business to extend their CQ cultural intelligence capabilities is a necessary component to doing good business better.”

The Challenge

Expanding your business globally

Global Chamber members run businesses that want to expand into new markets with new customers, develop existing relationships to accelerate business growth, as well as handle the key challenges which come with doing business across borders. Many members are used to working in North American and Western European influenced businesses, so to expand on a truly global scale, they need to have the insights, develop the skills and tap into the strategies to know how and when to adapt their communication approaches and behaviors to be more successful in connecting and developing business with customers, prospects and partners.

CQ Cultural Intelligence Training Outcomes for Global Chamber

  • Discover how cultural values impact working preferences, and the opportunities and challenges for growing globally.
  • Learn individual strengths and weaknesses in the 4 key CQ cultural intelligence capabilities.
  • Create cultural intelligence strategies.
  • Improve confidence in knowing how and when to adapt communication approaches and behaviors.
  • Action planning to improve cultural intelligence capabilities.

The Culture Cuppa training solution

We created several ways for Global Chamber members to participate in the training program, as each member and business would have their own starting point and way to apply cultural intelligence to their context. Members could access training with:

  • Virtual webinar: introduction to cultural intelligence and growing globally.
  • CQ cultural intelligence online assessments, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Live virtual training session to activate learning application.
  • CQ cultural intelligence individual profile with feedback and development plan.
  • Access to e-learning module.

The training results

35 Global Chamber members participated in the program. In the words of members:

global chamber doug bruhnke

Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder
Global Chamber®

“Victoria and Culture Cuppa make a potentially complicated topic easy for executives that are looking to do deals across cultures more effectively. We all know cultural differences matter, and too often leaders ‘wing it’, and worse yet leave their teams to make mistakes that sabotage best efforts.

Victoria’s personal style draws you in, and so I found myself fully engaged and learning new ideas, refreshing on essential cross-cultural principles and gaining tips to move forward right away. Highly recommended!”

global chamber katie keith

Katie Keith, Executive Director
Global Chamber®, London

“Working with Victoria through the CQ cultural intelligence program was eye-opening and thought-provoking! I was able to identify key areas of growth to develop my CQ cultural intelligence capabilities, allowing me to communicate and engage with our Global Members in a more meaningful way.

I have also applied my learning of CQ cultural intelligence to my role leading a global sales team in Finance. We can now easily plan and strategize how to win business in different locations around the world and build effective relationships. I would highly recommend Victoria to senior leadership teams, sales directors and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business globally!”

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The benefits of CQ cultural intelligence for your business

  • Success in culturally diverse markets
  • Speed and efficiency across borders
  • Multicultural and global team effectiveness
  • Profitability and cost-savings

Your organisation’s cultural intelligence next steps

VR profile

What are the cultural intelligence capabilities of your people?

Are they skilled up to communicate effectively and connect in virtual global teams?

Do your teams have the cultural intelligence to build new business and grow existing business globally?

If your organization could do with a boost of cultural intelligence to support your business to expand around the world, then contact Victoria Rennoldson to learn more about the CQ cultural intelligence impact.

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