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At Culture Cuppa, we are passionate about knowing what our clients think about our coaching and training, and we value all feedback. We have a wide range of testimonials from our communication and culture programmes from clients who have experienced the positive results themselves for their performance, career and business growth.

We are very proud that our programmes are highly rated and you can read what our clients think here in their own words.

Aurelie Marais Machurat

“Victoria’s tailor-made coaching helped me to not only reach my next level in English but also to better perform in my new career step. I feel more confident and spontaneous, I better understand and navigate British culture and feel more relaxed while having more impact in meetings, presentations and conversations. We always start from what I experience in my daily and professional life, and Victoria helps me to identify the solutions by myself, bringing her perspective, experience and valuable advice to push me to go further.”

Digital & Innovation Director
Bouygues Construction UK

“We at FOCUS have been working with Victoria for a few years already on different matters such as cross cultural and communication training. She can engage with a full room thanks to her various skills. Victoria’s workshops are fun and clever which makes them very attractive and always a huge success.”

Gael Panhelleux
Executive Director

Gael Panhelleux
Sjors Hemmen

“As a Dutch company, we felt our team needed a better understanding of British culture to make sure we are on top of our game in helping our clients. Victoria is a very dedicated and knowledgeable trainer, and provided us with the right tools to bridge the culture gap to improve the way we do business in the UK.”

Sjors Hemmen
Business Development
Marketing agency
The Netherlands

“Victoria has been coaching me to develop my professional communication and cultural skills, to increase my confidence, impact and influence with global teams in my business. I particularly value her as a counterpart who helps me develop communication approaches for my meetings, presentations and writing by giving me the tools, exercise and specific feedback to improve my performance, and these build better connections with my clients that deliver results. Ultimately Victoria’s coaching saves me time, as I can communicate in a more productive way, avoiding misunderstandings and miscommunications. Victoria is very professional, and she creates bespoke approaches, responding well to my needs in our individual coaching sessions.”

Simone Pestalozzii
General Manager
Causasoft (services) Ltd.

Simone Pestalozzi
Merit Fimberg Espuch

“Victoria is a very professional and engaging English coach. She always brings her positive vibe, energy and extensive knowledge in the field. So when you are struggling with connecting with English-speaking teams, making successful small-talk or improving your social English skills, she is the one who can definitely help.”

Merit Fimberg-Espuch,
Estonian Chamber of Commerce

“We have worked with Victoria for a number of years and she has always been professional and reliable in response to our needs as a business. She has great communication which is essential for us.”

Nicole Jackson
Head of People & Outreach
Lycee Winston Churchill


Nicole Jackson
Morgane Jossic

“When I relocated to the UK, I chose this individual coaching programme to develop my professional English communication, but also understand the basis of British culture. Victoria gave me concrete examples and practical tools to understand meeting codes and use appropriate communication styles. I now feel more confident and comfortable to start a meeting in front of a large audience.”

Morgane Jossic
Senior R&D and Innovation Manager
Bouygues Construction UK
relocated from France

“Victoria has a unique approach and understood well my current situation to help me solve my communication challenges one step at a time. She helped me to stay focused on my goals and achieve more than I expected at the start. I feel much more confident in my professional communication now, so I greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with her.”

Vera Kachko
Medical advisor
Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
relocated from Russia

Vera Kachko
Idan Caruba

“My main challenge was having the confidence to present clearly to a group of professionals. Victoria helped me to hone the skills of thinking methodically, different types of communication to suit different people, writing for professionals and understanding that cultural differences are not something that should stop you. With my new skills, I focused my company’s mission, presented confidently to a big audience, and I feel much more at home now in a variety of professional environments. Victoria adapts her training and communication methods to suit the individual which makes the learning so unbelievably interesting, effective and fun.”

Idan Caruba
Owner of Tailored Stay
Originally from Israel

“The greatest challenge I experienced when I moved to London was not feeling ‘100% myself’ when working in English. In conversation I preferred not to express my opinion to avoid mistakes and not be judged by others. The greatest learning for me was not to be perfect! Victoria helped me to grow my self-confidence, and supported me to express myself more concisely and in a structured way. I felt comfortable working with Victoria, she was professional and empathetic at the same time.”

Sara Colavitto
Wine Export Manager
Relocated from Italy

Sara Colavitto

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