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Practical communication skills and tips, confidence strategies and cultural intelligence insights for working successfully in global teams

Culture cuppa 009 whats your communication style

What’s your communication style?

Do you know how you prefer to communicate? Do you have insights into how others communicate? What happens when you work with others who are different to you in their communication style?

Culture cuppa how culture influences online meetings

How does culture influence online meetings in international teams?

Today’s topic I wanted to talk about was all about cultural factors and how the they’re influencing online meetings. So wherever you are in the world, and I’m sure it’s very different wherever you are …

Culture cuppa how to disagree well

How to disagree well

Today’s topic on Wednesday Words is all about how to disagree well. This is a really key topic, as it doesn’t matter what you do, what business you’re in- whether you run your own business, whether you’re in corporate …

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