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We will share with you communication coaching insights, confidence strategies, and ways to improve your cultural intelligence for working in global teams, plus exercises and tools for you to try yourself and with your team.

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Practical communication coaching insights, confidence strategies and cultural intelligence tips for working successfully in global teams

Culture cuppa how to sound clear concise and professional

How can I sound clear, concise and professional?

Clients often ask me questions about how to be concise and clear, particularly when expressing opinions in meetings that matter. So that might be because you’re leading the agenda, or it might be …

Culture cuppa top listening techniques

Top listening techniques

Today we’ll be talking about top 5 tips for listening. I heard a recent statistic, which shocked me. It said that we listen for 17 seconds before we interrupt the other person. Now it doesn’t matter …

Culture cuppa top ways to open your english emails

Top ways to open your English emails

You open the email, see the first few words, and you immediately stop reading. Why? The greeting sounds cheesy and is probably spam. So, how do you write an opening to your English emails, so they sound …

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