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Improve your communication in English


Increase your personal impact and performance

Fast-track your career growth

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Why communication coaching is the right choice for you

Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio
  • At this point in your international career you are ready to step up and lead your team, and yet you feel something is missing in your communication.
  • Meetings and presentations are starting to feel challenging, because you need to influence senior stakeholders and leaders.
  • You feel frustrated because you are unable to fully demonstrate your knowledge, insights and personality, which is limiting your progress.
  • This is when our individual programme ‘9 steps to Communication Confidence’ will help you to communicate at a higher level in English, and do this clearly, concisely and with confidence, whatever comes up.

Improve your communication confidence in English

With 9 steps to Communication Confidence individual coaching

Communicate at a higher level, clearly and concisely with confidence, whatever comes up in your meetings and presentations.

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Level 1 Clarity

Get clear on your goals and current communication impact.

The first 3 steps identify where you are now, areas you want to develop and your confidence mindset.

Level 2 Agility

Develop your agility to communicate in English.

The next 3 steps help you build your skills and confidence in personal and business situations, such as meetings, presentations, small talk and feeling comfortable with social English.

Level 3 Sustainability

Now you have the foundation to fast-track your career.

The last 3 steps evaluate your achievements, integrate your learnings into your ongoing daily interactions, and complete the programme with a development plan to accelerate your progress.

Build your communication skills with confidence

What’s included in the 9 steps to Communication Confidence programme

Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio
  • Individual coaching programme, with personalised content to address your specific communication challenges within our proven framework.
  • Live and interactive virtual sessions with your trainer- you can join from anywhere in the world.
  • Gain practical insights, tools and exercises you can integrate and activate, now and ongoing.
  • Continuous personal feedback and recommendations to improve your communication skills.
  • Your trainer will support you by keeping you accountable and motivated, so you implement your learning and turn it into action.
Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio
Aurelie Marais Machurat

“Victoria’s tailor-made coaching helped me to not only reach my next level in English but also to better perform in my new career step. I feel more confident and spontaneous, I better understand and navigate British culture and feel more relaxed while having more impact in meetings, presentations and conversations. We always start from what I experience in my daily and professional life, and Victoria helps me to identify the solutions by myself, bringing her perspective, experience and valuable advice to push me to go further.”

Digital & Innovation Director
Bouygues Construction UK

Improve your English communication skills ​

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Step 2

Start your programme

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Fast-track your success

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Communication skills coaching for global leaders and managers

These are the benefits which our clients tell us they experience after our programmes

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Improve your communication in English


Increase your personal impact and performance

Accelerate your career growth

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