Global team communication
and cross cultural training

For leaders and managers
of international teams

Improve communication and cultural skills

Increase client connection and team rapport

Fast-track your team’s performance

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Why team communication and cross cultural training is the right choice for your team

Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio
  • You are leading global teams working across borders, and keen to develop the business with English-speaking customers.
  • You are moving for work or have team members relocating to the UK.
  • The team may experience challenges with virtual team communication, which leads to miscommunication and cultural misunderstandings.
  • This creates frustration with each other, wastes time and energy, and delays projects which impacts business growth.
  • The team may struggle to build conversations which connect with your international customers, and you want to encourage conversations that expand relationships and grow the business.
  • With our communication and cross cultural training your team will develop their cultural intelligence and communication strategies so that they work successfully together.
  • They will build strong relationships and team spirit, engage with your customers confidently, and deliver results which accelerate business growth.

Culture Cuppa offers 3 key programmes to improve your team’s communication skills and cultural intelligence

Cross cultural Success

Develop cultural intelligence for growing your people and organisation globally

Improve your team’s cultural intelligence capabilities for working successfully across borders.

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Step 1: Assessment. Individual evaluation and feedback on current Cultural Intelligence levels and cultural preferences within the team.

Step 2: Insight. Understand the key cultural values, personal working preferences and Cultural Intelligence capabilities vs. worldwide norms. 

Step 3: Action. Create individual development plans and prioritise the key Cultural Intelligence capabilities to improve and develop for global growth.

“Victoria and Culture Cuppa make a potentially complicated topic easy for executives that are looking to do deals across cultures more effectively. Victoria’s personal style draws you in, and so I found myself fully engaged and learning new ideas, refreshing on essential cross-cultural principles and gaining tips to move forward right away. Highly recommended!”

global chamber doug bruhnke

Doug Bruhnke
CEO / Founder
Global Chamber

British cultural training

Build British cultural insights to upskill your people for success

Develop your team’s skills when expanding business with British customers, or when relocating your teams to the UK.

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Step 1: Navigate. Build awareness and sensitivity to British culture to orientate your people with everyday and / or professional cultural values.

Step 2: Explore. Discover the nuances of British communication style and behaviours in a variety of professional contexts.

Step 3: Accelerate. Developing a culturally intelligent approach- strategies to adapt and knowing when not to change your approach.

“As a Dutch company, we felt our team needed a better understanding of British culture to make sure we are on top of our game in helping our clients. Victoria is a very dedicated and knowledgeable trainer, and provided us with the right tools to bridge the culture gap to improve the way we do business in the UK.”

Sjors Hemmen

Sjors Hemmen
Business Development
Marketing agency
The Netherlands

Global Team Communication

Enhance your international team’s communication, connection and rapport

Build more effective communication in your team, and with your customers and partners to accelerate business growth.

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Step 1: Self-reflection. Gain insight into thinking preferences and communication styles of individuals and the team, based on neuroscience research.

Step 2: Team Awareness & Communication. Strengthen internal communication and relationships within global project teams by appreciating and acknowledging diverse thinking in the team.

Step 3: Engaging External Communication. Build rapport and strong connection with your customers and partners through more effective and engaging communication.

“We at FOCUS have been working with Victoria for a few years already on different matters such as cross cultural and communication training. She can engage with a full room thanks to her various skills. Victoria’s workshops are fun and clever which makes them very attractive and always a huge success.”

Gael Panhelleux

Gael Panhelleux
Executive Director

Create training that improves your team’s global communication skills and cross-cultural success

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Our bespoke approach includes:

  • Team training workshops and programmes
  • Delivered virtually or in person
  • Half-day and full day experiences
  • Designed and tailored to your team’s communication and cross cultural training needs
  • Practical insights, tools and exercises
Branding Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography Communicatio

Improve your global team’s communication and cultural skills

Step 1

Let's talk

Set up a time to discuss your team’s challenges

Step 2

Design your team’s programme

We customise our programmes to your needs

Step 3

Fast-track your team’s success

Progress your team & business goals

Teams who have worked with us

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Communication and cultural training for multinational teams

These are the benefits which our clients tell us they experience after our programmes

Victoria Rennoldson, Prepare for Interview Success

Improve communication and cultural skills


Increase customer connection and team rapport

Accelerate your team’s performance

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