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Celebrating 9 years in business

In celebration of Culture Cuppa’s 9th birthday, access our most popular masterclasses and the Public Speaking Confidence circle.

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Public Speaking Confidence Circle

Public Speaking Confidence Circle 

Public Speaking Confidence Circle

Join the Public Speaking Confidence Circle: the supportive, informal and safe space to practise your speaking skills and receive my feedback.

Feel more confident and relaxed in your presentations and public speaking, and trust yourself to speak up and share your voice.

Sign up to join this 1 month virtual programme with a small group of maximum of 6 participants. Space for you to practice and have constructive feedback to improve. Starting May 2024.

Global leader masterclasses

Masterclass bundle: our most popular masterclasses

Global Leader Masterclasses

Access our 3 most popular masterclass videos:

  • Speak like a Leader
  • Prepare for interview success
  • Confident English communication

Speak like a global leader by expressing your ideas clearly and concisely, creating impact with your presence, and speaking effectively and confidently.

Prepare before the interview, including how to develop your communication skills to make a great impression, stand out and clearly convey your strengths, skills and experience.

Confident English Communication. Learn the most important elements you can focus on, develop & activate to overcome your challenges & improve your communication when working in English.

Masterclass bundle: our most popular masterclasses

Access our most popular masterclasses and the Public Speaking Confidence circle


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