English phrases for creating impact in your presentations

culture cuppa english phrases for creating impact in your presentations

I want you to imagine that you pick up a pen & you are writing with your opposite hand to how you usually write. How does that feel to you? What does your writing look like? Does it look like yours?

Presenting in English can be like writing with your opposite hand. You may feel perfectly happy to present in your own language. You have the words, the ways to express yourself with nuances & you can handle challenging situations or questions that come up unexpectedly because you have the communication agility.

However, when you’re presenting in English as your 2nd or 3rd language, you may feel exposed & not quite comfortable. It adds an extra level of stress in a situation when you want to make a great impression, come across as confident & natural, especially if you’re leading the agenda, and in current times presenting online.

Voice, intonation, pace & pitch can be key ways to create variety, interest & engagement in your presentation.  In addition, a common area my clients want to explore is how to take their English language to the next level: how to use English phrases in presentations to persuade, create emphasis & impact with their words.

Here are my recommended 2 key areas of emphasis, which can help elevate your language to communicate your messages more effectively, with examples of how to use them, so you can use these professional phrases in your own Presentation English.

  1. Emphasis: flagging phrases to introduce your key point. The key word to stress in each phrase is in bold.
    • What’s especially important is how we prioritise the timings.
    • The main thing is to focus on the key issue.
    • What I do believe is critical is keeping our objective top of mind.
    • What I think is that we should do some more research in this area.
    • A significant area to consider is resource allocation.
    • We have to bear in mind that we might need to delay this until the summer.
  2. Emphasis through intensifiers. Use an adverb to intensify the message.
    • We really need a fresh approach to this project.
    • Working in such a way can stimulate even more creativity & be an extremely positive experience.
    • This is a much better question you can ask yourself.
    • There’s absolutely no more budget at all right now.
    • The market is so highly saturated, we need to find a completely different niche.

If you want to learn more about how to present in English naturally, professionally & clearly, then join me for my new masterclass, Presentation English:

  • Connect & successfully influence in English your audience
  • Speak up & show up your personality fully in English
  • Be relaxed & expressive in English
  • Receive personal feedback on how to improve your Presentation English

We will cover the key professional English phrases & language for improving your Presentation English including:

  • Language to open impactfully
  • English communication skills for creating a great impression
  • English phrases to deal with different types of questions
  • Language for when you’re having challenges expressing yourself clearly

There are only 10 tickets for the live masterclass, so don’t miss out on booking your seat to join me! Learn more & book for Presentation English Masterclass.

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