7 tips for a successful informational interview

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7 tips for a successful informational interview. In this fourth and final episode of my new mini podcast series about strategies to optimise your communication for job searching, we are exploring how to maximise the time you have available to talk with a connection who has agreed to help you on your job search.

You may have only 15-20 minutes, so how you approach the conversation matters, including what you choose to talk about, how you open and close the conversation impactfully, and connect well with them.

I will also share what not to talk about, and what you can request as a follow up after the informational interview.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to approach an informational interview
  • Why it is conversation, not a Q&A
  • How to open the meeting well
  • Key areas to explore in an informational interview
  • What not to ask about in an informational interview
  • Follow up: what you can request at the end of the meeting
  • What makes the difference to close well

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