Navigating Cultural Intelligence: a Conversation with Dr. Catherine Wu

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Dr. Catherine Wu is an interculturalist and cultural intelligence evangelist. A passionate advocate for cultural diversity, Dr. Catherine is currently working towards telling 10 million people about cultural intelligence through speaking, writing, and posting daily on LinkedIn.

She joined me in this episode from Singapore for this deeply insightful conversation. We chatted about how cultural intelligence has evolved in the last few years, why successful cross-cultural communication starts with our intentionality to create shared experiences, and how we can all step into being an interculturalist.

In 2022, she launched The Cultural Quotient podcast, the first podcast to grow cultural intelligence at work and in life. As a speaker, Dr. Catherine frequently gives talks and conducts workshops on cultural intelligence for public and private organizations.

Dr. Catherine holds a PhD in Cultural Intelligence from the Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence in Singapore. She is French and has lived in Asia for the past 18 years. She lives in Singapore with her Taiwanese American husband and 3 third-culture kids.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What it means to be a cultural intelligence evangelist
  • Why developing cultural awareness is not enough
  • Cultural intelligence evolution and today
  • DEI and helping teams to collaborate effectively
  • Culture is hard to see, especially on virtual calls
  • Successful cross-cultural communication starts with our intentionality to create shared experiences
  • Everyone is an interculturalist and has the potential to be a cultural bridge
  • Our personal cultural intelligence responsibility as leaders

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