Victoria in the hotseat: an interview to celebrate 9 years in business

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Today I am truly grateful on my 9th business birthday.

I am so lucky that with my business, Culture Cuppa, I get to support and work with 1000s of people and teams all over the world from over 40 countries.

Plus I have the joy of connecting with people every day globally through my social, virtual and in person communities and networks, being energised and inspired to collaborate in new ways to share my ideas in podcasts, videos, talks and blogs.

So a big thank you to you all who support me and have worked with me on my journey. I am deeply grateful to you all- Culture Cuppa is all about people and I couldn’t have done it without you!

In celebration of my business birthday, today on the podcast my good friend and previous guest, Febronia Ruocco, turns the tables on me and I am the guest of my own podcast! In this special episode, I answer her questions about my communication and cultural journey, what inspires me and what’s coming next.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Victoria Rennoldson’s Culture Cuppa journey
  • What inspired the business launch
  • Why cultural communication matters to Victoria
  • Multi-cultural experiences living abroad
  • The role Durham University played and mentoring for the Durham Leadership Academy
  • How Victoria’s first career in Marketing in global teams inspired her second career
  • Victoria’s own communication confidence journey
  • Business evolution: the Culture Cuppa rebrand in 2023
  • Why the podcast is so important to connecting globally
  • What drives Victoria and her vision
  • Staying motivated and energised
  • Life outside Culture Cuppa- more about Victoria’s personal life
  • What’s next!

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