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Leadership presence – do you have it? Maybe you are like many people I meet who have all the skills, experience and talent, and are ambitious to progress their career for the next promotion or job move, to break into the c-suite or the next level of management.

But something is missing in the way you show up, connect and engage with other people, which is hard to define.

This is leadership presence. You know it when people have it.

It impacts how you influence your senior stakeholders, builds trust and confidence with your team, inspires and creates action, and enhances your professional reputation and opportunities.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Reasons why people don’t have leadership presence currently
  • What is leadership presence: a definition for 2024
  • Key areas of leadership presence
  • Why it’s important for your career opportunities
  • The vital ingredient is you
  • Being authentic with your leadership presence
  • Common myths about leadership presence
  • How to develop your leadership presence

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