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Confident Global Communication

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I look forward to sharing with you my training masterclass, Confident Global Communication, from feeling limited and frustrated when working in English to confident, impactful leadership communication.

Please check your inbox in 5-10 minutes for the link to the watch the replay.

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    • For mid-career managers, Communication Confidence: Improve your communication confidence in English, communicate at a higher level, whatever comes up in your meetings.
    • For senior leaders, Global Executive Communication: Supporting you with the 3 pillars of confidence, connection and challenging conversations.
Victoria Rennoldson, Culture Cuppa

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Practical communication skills and tips, confidence strategies and cultural intelligence insights for working successfully in global teams

Culture cuppa cultural icebergs

Cultural Icebergs

Today I’ll be talking about the Cultural Iceberg. The national culture we grew up in has a deep impact on how we see the world, how we interact with the world, and how we experience it …

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Interrupting appropriately

Today we’re talking about interrupting appropriately. Now, if you followed last week’s Wednesday Words, you’ll know that I talked about listening well and top techniques to learn to do this …

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Structuring your opinions clearly in meetings

When participating in meetings, I know that my clients, who are speakers of English as a 2nd+ language, want to sound clear, natural and professional in the way they express their views …


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