What’s my English level?

Culture cuppa 8 key questions to self evaluate your english communication skills

Before I start my programmes with my clients, I focus on clarity. Clarity includes understanding exactly what somebody wants, needs and why (wants and needs may be very different!) and helps to answer the question I am often asked: What’s my English level?

The ‘why’ explores their vision of success for their English communication and what it means for their performance currently and their future career progression. We define exactly the business situations in which they need to develop English communication confidence to make the difference and their specific goals.

Then I do an evaluation, so I can establish the starting point in English communication skills and the base level performance. This is where we answer the question: What’s my English level? I create a series of carefully designed simulations from their own individual context, which helps me identify the current strengths and key development areas to grow during the programme.

Evaluation is an important step as sometimes people do not have an accurate view of their English level. It’s also important to measure progress from the start point, and be clear that we are achieving your goals through the programme. I am always happy to help you and your team with evaluation, to provide feedback and direction.

You can also self-evaluate. So, here I am sharing with you the key questions you can ask yourself to understand the answer to that important question: What’s my English level? This will help you establish your current starting point in English communication and where you need to focus to improve and develop. Read each area and score yourself from 1 (weak) to 10 (strong) in each area. Then add up your scores and see how you are getting on!

Final scores: what they mean

9 – 49
    There is a lot of work to do here, but not to worry as now you are aware, you can start improving.
50 – 74   Well done! Yes, there are still some gaps and areas to improve, and you are building on some positive areas.
75 – 90   Wow! You are doing well, so keep on track and progressing. If there were one area to work on which would you choose?


You should now have a good idea of your focus areas to develop and improve. Make the action plan, schedule time in your diary to work on it and make a start! What is the one thing you can do in the next 24 hours to make a start?

Or if you would like to book a comprehensive & personalised evaluation session for you or your team, with feedback and recommendations to improve, then please book in with me for a discovery call.

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