How to express your full personality in your English communication

Culture cuppa how to express your full personality in your english communication

Imagine your personality is normally like a bright yellow colour, but in your English communication you feel like you show up like the colour of British mid-winter sunshine. How does that feel?

Communicating in English can be like you are not able to show your full brightness, or express 100% of your personality.

You might feel like your colours are muted, your volume dial is turned lower & you are limited in saying exactly what you want to say.

I sometimes have clients come to me and they are already operational in speaking social & business English. Perhaps they are currently living in an English-speaking country, or working in an international team so use English every day.

So, why do they need to improve their Business English communication skills, if they are operational already?

Usually there is a trigger. Something that is bothering them & they want to fix it. Maybe a work situation that happened recently or has been ongoing for a while & has finally come to a head, that means that they need to face their English communication challenge.

For example, it could be a key meeting in English with clients, suppliers or even senior management, where they felt frustrated by not being able to join in fully with the discussion. This professional feels limited because it takes time to translate their views in their head & so hesitates to speak up & misses the opportunity to contribute. Or feels they cannot express their opinion exactly as they wish.

It could also be presentations in English, where my client feels exposed or stressed, not able to express their full personality. They want to communicate their key messages with the nuances & subtleties to connect to their audience, make an impact & land their messages.

For other international professionals, it is their report or email writing skills which need development. They may be good at speaking, both for planned & spontaneous interactions, but now they need to uplevel their English writing skills to match their speaking capabilities, so they come across as professional & can make a good impression.

Is this you?

If so, then you would benefit from improving your Business English communication skills.

This means you will be able to express yourself more confidently & naturally in English, whatever the situation or challenge.

We can focus on boosting your professional vocabulary range & we can build your spontaneous speaking ability, so you are more comfortable to speak up & express yourself.

We can work on your Presentation English skills by looking at the key techniques & language to use to be more effective in your communication.

We can also develop your English writing skills, so you can write at the right level of formality & in your particular style.

You can eventually reach a stage where you can deliver professionally to your desired level & connect well with your international team, senior management, clients, suppliers & network.

Developing your Business English ultimately is part of your toolkit enabling you to fully develop your career & go for that interview or promotion without feeling limited by your communication ability.

Your time is precious & you need to be efficient to maximise your progress towards your goal to improve your Business English. So, you would benefit from feedback on your English communication skills, practical exercises for you to implement, a chance to have your questions answered & develop your Business English level.

This is why it makes sense to focus on improving your Business English in dedicated support through individual sessions focusing on specific topics or as part of an ongoing programme to uplevel your skills.

Free your true colours to express yourself fully in English.

If this is you & you are ready to the take the next step to improve your English communication to develop your professional delivery on your personal development journey to your next step in your career, find out more about my Business English coaching which includes specific programmes in English Meeting Communication, Presentation English, Interview English & Professional English Emails.

A version of this article was originally published by CrossCulture2Go.

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