Conflict: archetypes, triggers & your team with Nicole Posner

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Nicole Posner is an award-winning Conflict Consultant and has been guiding businesses to navigate difficulties for over 7 years. Through her psychology studies and career as a Workplace Mediator, she witnessed the impact, destruction and financial cost of conflict on the organisation, the emotional cost to those working in it, plus discovered what triggers and fuels conflict in people and businesses.

Later Nicole trained as an Executive Conflict Coach, and now amalgamates her skills as a Consultant to steer her clients through any cracks in their relationships to keep conflict at bay, allowing them to grow and scale their business for success.

Nicole brought some fascinating insights to this episode about the impact of our communication to build relationships, get the best out of teams, minimise misunderstandings and have difficult conversations. We spoke about the benefits of conflict to your team, how to prepare yourself for conflict conversations and her 4 conflict archetypes.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Conflict is not only negative: the benefits of conflict to your team
  • Nicole’s MAP framework for preparing yourself for conflict conversations
  • Managing conflict with power dynamics: managing up in conflict
  • Nicole’s 4 archetypes of conflict: build awareness about your approach to conflict
  • The role of your communication baggage in conflict
  • The impact of your non-verbal communication
  • How conflict styles are evolving over time

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