Cultural Values, not stereotypes

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“Knowledge about other cultures will make the difference. I only need to know what people from the {fill in the culture} do in this situation. For example, how they start meetings, do small talk, make presentations, negotiate and give feedback.”

Awareness about other cultures is powerful to help us in culturally diverse situations, and yet we are all also individuals, shaped by our personal contexts. So how do we balance this?

How do we increase cultural awareness without stereotyping and recognise how individuals prefer to communicate and interact with us, when they may have a multitude of cultural influences?

In today’s episode we explore what we mean by cultural values, and how to use them as part of a culturally intelligent approach to working with others across borders and in culturally diverse teams.

We will look at some examples of cultural values and how to use them as a starting point to apply our cultural intelligence to make strategies and turn these into actions that make a difference.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What do we mean by culture
  • How cultural values can help us in culturally diverse contexts 
  • Examples of cultural values in action
  • Cooperative – competitive: how to achieve results
  • Low Context – high context: communication style
  • Monochronic – polychronic focus: how we like to work with priorities 
  • Cultural values as a starting point and how to apply them for a more culturally intelligent approach

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