Listening – a radical decision

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Listening is a radical decision.

Did you learn how to listen at school? We forget sometimes that hearing is one of our senses, and listening is a skill. We might have been told to ‘be quiet and listen’, however not actually taught how.

In our busy world, focused on delivering at speed and with efficiency by multitasking, we are judged by what we say. So to listen properly requires a radical decision to do something different.

Even if we think our role is to be a good speaker, true communication happens when there is listening and speaking.

Listening is a skill, which requires time, patience and an ability to tune our ears. To be told you are a good listener is a great compliment.

So how do we listen better? What makes the difference?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is Hearing, what is listening – the radical decision to listen
  • Create the pause to listen
  • Start with your intent
  • Suspend judgment & assumptions
  • What is intelligent listening
  • When they pause
  • Check understanding
  • What conversation do they want to have

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