First impressions in networking: the power of impactful introductions

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First impressions in networking: the power of impactful introductions. In this second episode of my new podcast mini series about strategies to optimise your communication for job searching, we are talking about how to answer that deceptively simple question, ‘What do you do?’.

We start with exploring how you want to show up at networking events to maximise connections that can help your job search. I will then share the usual way people introduce themselves and why it doesn’t work to open the conversation. Finally I will give you my framework to help you introduce yourself in a way which is impactful, memorable and helps you get closer to your ideal job.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Defining your networking intent
  • How to show up to connect
  • The common mistake people make when they introduce themselves
  • Reframing introductions in networking
  • A new way to introduce yourself that makes you stand out
  • How to practice it
  • An invitation to receive my feedback on your introduction

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