Strategies for CV and Resume Success

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Make your CV/ resume stand out. Following on from our recent podcast mini series on interview success, I have received questions about other aspects of job searching and applications.

So in this new mini series I am going to be sharing more strategies on optimising your communication for other job related themes, including strategies for CV/ resume success, how to introduce yourself impactfully at networking, send outreach and cold messages that get replies, and tips for a successful informational interview.

In this first episode in the mini series, we are focusing on your CV/ resume, including how this enhances your personal brand, the key areas to the key areas to optimise and refine, what to consider in the layout and format, and answering questions about the professional approach to CV/ resume writing in the UK and US.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Researching keywords for your resume/ CV
  • How to develop a high impact summary/ profile statement
  • What employers are looking for in the way you represent your experience
  • Why the design of your resume/ CV matters
  • Top mistakes in CVs/ resumes
  • Key questions I am asked about CVs/ resumes
  • Should you use AI to write your CV/ resume?

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