Guest interview – Leaders: Cultivating Meaningful Connection with Michael Quigley

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Michael Quigley is a twice published author and regular blogger as well as the creator of multiple online professional and personal development courses with his company Kataholos. His Online Learning Platform empowers over 8000 professionals in 100 countries.

He is a former primary school teacher with an extensive experience of teaching, leadership and mentoring, coupled with a life-long enduring passion for fitness, wellbeing and growing people.

In this episode we discussed the key topics for global leaders to focus on this year, including how to connect and build great relationships with people through becoming more present, your conversation and energy.

Plus what shifts in communication when we intentionally think about how we show up as leaders, make time for the important topics and plan what we want to say. Finally we talked about how to move away from cultural stereotypes and culturally understand others better.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The most important topics on leaders’ minds for 2024.
  • How to become more present as a leader.
  • Demonstrating your attention and care to your people.
  • Prioritising quality time- a precious resource.
  • Shifting energy and connection in your meetings.
  • Intentional communication and preparing your key messages.
  • Cultural nuances of leadership- meeting the other person where they’re at.
  • The true meaning of communication
  • Confidence grows with competence and consistency.

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