How to stop communication stress in English

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Your communication skills in English are a key enabler for your next promotion.

They are part of your skills toolkit, so you have everything on your side, ready to make that next job move, to go for that promotion, or to expand your role.

Sometimes they are known as soft skills, but they are anything but soft.

They are the difference between influencing successfully and the board rejecting your project.

They will help define if you land new business with a customer or miss out on a valuable sales opportunity.

Your communication skills will shape how people see you and your reputation, and can be the fine line between the green light on your promotion or being passed over again.

If you are an international manager, then achieving English communication confidence is critical to your success in your current role and enabling your next promotion.

And that’s where communication stress can come in. You could feel exposed, awkward and on the spot before key meetings when you need to lead the agenda, and worry about how you come across.

So how do you deal with it and help yourself to move forward?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is communication stress
  • How can you help yourself move through this
  • The communication agility mindset and approach
  • How to gain clarity on your starting level and build confidence
  • How to develop communication agility in English and improve
  • How to achieve ongoing sustainability for your English communication skills

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