The top 8 myths about English communication

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Are you talented and ambitious, but it doesn’t always come across when you’re working in English?

Do you feel frustrated by your professional English communication skills, and wish you sounded more confident?

Today I want to talk about the 8 most common myths I commonly hear from the people I work with about their English communication and how it’s holding them back. This could be impacting you too and stopping you from moving forward to your next promotion.

So I’m going to bust these myths and share with you how you can reframe them!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The 8 common myths about English communication and how to bust them:
  • “I need to be more fluent”
  • “I need to have my thoughts clear in my head before I speak up”
  • “People are judging me”
  • “I need another Business English course”
  • “Watching videos/ reading/ listening more will help”
  • “I should be over this by now”
  • “I’m the only one struggling with this still”
  • “There’s a magic wand”
  • How to get away from these myths

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