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January can be a tough month after the excitement of the holidays and Blue Monday, the 3rd Monday in January known as ‘the most difficult day of the year’, is coming soon.

So we all need some humour this month. I am a great believer in the power of humour, and for me it’s a great way in business to build warm connections with others and create a good atmosphere for communication and working together.

Humour is universal and can cross cultures, as long as we are mindful of making our humour inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, not just for a few insiders.

In this episode I share my key humour tips for connection:

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why humour matters in business
  • How to make your humour inclusive in cross-cultural teams
  • Key humour tips for connecting with others
  • You’re aiming for creating a smile, not planning a comedy show
  • Be yourself and be human- the best way to connect
  • Humour can be used to lighten the mood, even in the most serious and challenging situations
  • It’s not just what you say: Humour in your non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Understatement for humour
  • Using irony
  • Making fun of yourself

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