Why do we need small talk?

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Why do we need all this small talk?

Research shows the importance of informal conversations for virtual and hybrid meetings, and how it can make the difference for teams, how they work and their overall project and performance success.

However, small talk isn’t comfortable for, or even valued, by everyone. This is a great example of cultural dynamics at play, and how what may seem obvious and natural for one culture, is not for others.

For me, small talk isn’t actually small. It’s actually ‘human talk’ where we are looking to create a personal connection which can build a relationship.

In today’s episode, learn more about the importance of small talk and informal conversation, and top tips for connecting.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How small talk supports a communication strategy for your meetings
  • The research that supports why small talk and informal conversations are critical for success when working together in virtual and hybrid meetings
  • Small talk is cultural
  • How to rethink and approach small talk
  • My top tips for small talk connection and successfully creating rapport with others

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