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Ritika Wadhwa was born and brought up in India. She went on to achieve an MBA in the UK and broke all barriers as an immigrant to Canada and the UK. Ritika has over 30 years of experience working at Board level across 3 continents, with senior stakeholders – within the public and private sector and she is on a mission to bring inclusion and innovation to the heart of organisations, through Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Ritika is the Founder and CEO of Prabhaav Global. Prabhaav means impact in Hindi and the organization’s mission is to apply the transformational power of Cultural Intelligence for impactful leadership. Ritika is also a CQ Certified Facilitator and a Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows, Windsor Castle, and she sits on the Strategic Advisory Board member for British Transport Police as well as being a Trustee and Board Director at the 5% club. Ritika is also an Ambassador for Age Irrelevance and a sought-after Keynote speaker.

In this episode, Ritika shares practical strategies to adapt communication styles, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness in diverse settings. We also discuss the nuances of English as a global business language and its implications for multicultural working environments, as well as the importance of understanding cultural contexts to minimise miscommunications.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The historical context of English as the global business language
  • The Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework and its four capabilities
  • Practical approaches to make communication more inclusive
  • The importance of understanding cultural contexts and adapting communication styles
  • Strategies for inviting and encouraging diverse voices to speak up
  • How to build and maintain cultural intelligence in professional settings
  • The shifting dynamics between East and West and the importance of mutual understanding
  • Common mistakes Western organizations make when expanding into Eastern markets

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