Overcoming team cultural & communication challenges

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When working in multilingual and multicultural global teams we can experience situations where a few voices dominate in meetings, while others are quiet.

If we do not fully understand the cultural and communication challenges that individuals may experience, it can lead to frustrating, unproductive meetings.

As team and project leaders, we need to use our cultural intelligence (CQ) to consider and adapt to include people and hear from everyone, rather than relying only on the familiar and usual ways to run meetings.

Today we will explore the specific challenges that can come up, the cultural values which explain why they happen, and the strategies that could support the team to overcome them.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Key cultural and communication challenges that global teams can experience
  • Speaking up and why our current approaches don’t work
  • Humour & fast speech
  • The issues with idioms & expressions
  • Being mindful of culture references
  • Strategies to overcome the cultural and communication challenge

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