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Do you know how to get your emails right when it really matters?

Are they being opened and cutting through? And are you achieving your project and work goals successfully through email?

We might use plenty of quick messenger tools these days for working with our colleagues and co-workers, such as Teams, Google, Slack or Trello, but we also need to know how to put together a professional email that influences others to do something for us in response.

Today I will share the best ways to create effective, professional emails which have impact and will get your team to reply and take action.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why email
  • What is your relationship currency with the recipient
  • Make sure your emails are opened and read
  • Making your email action-orientated
  • The importance of relationship-building through email
  • How to cut through and be clear in your emails
  • Copying in others into emails- Be ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ aware

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