Self-leadership and resilience with Jason Liem

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Jason White Birkevold Liem is a seasoned expert in resilience, leadership, and personal development, bringing over 20 years of experience to individuals and teams across various sectors. As the founder of MINDtalk, Jason develops and facilitates programs focused on brain-based leadership and resilience skills, helping people improve how they manage themselves and others in complex situations.

He joined me from Norway to share his rich insights and wisdom on developing resilience in uncertain times, including the key elements of self-leadership, why we need to prioritise self-compassion and how to keep calm and grounded in challenging conversations.

Jason hosts “It’s an Inside Job,” a podcast that offers insights into mental and emotional resilience through the latest research and practical strategies. Jason also contributes to Executive Support Magazine, sharing knowledge that reaches professionals in over 130 countries. His presentation at TEDx Oslo in 2012, titled “At the Crossroads: Where the Brain Meets the Mind,” explored adaptive mindsets in times of change.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How a sparring partner can help you develop your leadership skills
  • Resilience in uncertain times
  • Self-leadership starts with self-awareness
  • Why self-compassion is so challenging and why it matters
  • How to maintain equanimity
  • Strategies to prepare yourself for challenging conversations
  • Practical ideas to keep calm and grounded in the moment to respond, not react
  • How to frame neutral questions
  • 3 essential skills for communication
  • The future of leadership

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