Introvert & highly sensitive leaders: authentic communication with Steven Parker

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Steven Parker has worked and lived in Asia for 35 years in 6 different countries. He is a multi-talented CEO, Business Coach, Presenter, Musician and Podcaster with a passion for Leadership Education, Communication, Business, and Community Building.

Steven joined me from Taiwan to have this deeply fascinating conversation about leadership, sharing his thoughts on how introvert and highly sensitive leaders can lead authentically, how to create diverse teams that appreciate each other’s strengths and how to navigate leadership challenges such as hybrid and flexible working.

Steven has dedicated the last two years to his three lives- his Whisky tasting business, Leadership, and Music, spending his time equally between all three.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How introvert and highly sensitive leaders can succeed
  • The power of music to support communication confidence
  • Creating diverse teams that appreciate each other’s strengths
  • What it means to be an authentic leader
  • Challenges coming up now for leaders
  • Hybrid/ remote working and cultural dynamics
  • The future of work- flexible working and the 4 day week

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