The worst business jargon and what to replace it with

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Are you aware of the amount of business jargon and buzzwords that you and your team use?

Are they helpful to your communication? Do they add value to what you are saying?

Jargon in theory is a shortcut, a way to explain what you mean, often using a metaphor or image, to help illustrate the point.

But the question is why did we start using them and do they make us sound more professional in our communication?

My view is that jargon can be confusing, exclude team members, especially in multicultural and multilingual teams, and does not add clarity to our communication.

So what should we use as an alternative?

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The problem with jargon and buzzwords
  • How jargon can create challenges to creating a culturally inclusive team
  • The 10 worst examples of jargon and buzzwords
  • What these phrases actually mean
  • What to say instead of jargon
  • Strategies to encourage your team to stop using jargon in their communication

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