US cultural dynamics, greetings and meetings: insights with Lanie Denslow

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Lanie Denslow is the Founder and Principal of World Wise Intercultural Training and Resources. She trains professionals to understand cultural nuances so they can work effectively in today’s global business environment in her customized, interactive workshops for teams and individuals.

Lanie joined me from Silicon Valley in California to have this insightful chat about US cultural dynamics, the impact of culture in all aspects of our formal and informal work interactions, and how to build your cultural confidence.

Lanie is the author of ‘World Wise What to Know Before You Go’ and co-author of ‘Working with Americans’, talking about culture and global business.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why cultural differences impact your sales and profit
  • What is US culture?
  • We are individuals, not research averages
  • The US/ UK cultural dynamic
  • Culture in evolution
  • Greetings: the cultural nuances of a handshake
  • Seating arrangements & what they communicate
  • What to do when we make cultural mistakes
  • How to build your cultural confidence

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