Culture cuppa the hot topics of 2021

The hot topics of 2021

2021 was the year of writing. I love writing, both professionally and for pleasure, and this year I have created 47 blogs and articles, plus shared my thoughts on my social media platforms Monday – Friday, almost every single week. I have loved the conversations, connections and engagement that have come about as a result! …

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Culture cuppa key strategies for communication stress

Key strategies for communication stress in international teams

Do you experience communication stress? Today is National Stress Awareness Day, raising everybody’s awareness of the effects of work stress and strategies to address it. There are many different expressions of stress, and I know that my clients sometimes experience communication stress. What do I mean by this? If you have English as a second …

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Culture cuppa 8 key questions to self evaluate your english communication skills

What’s my English level?

Before I start my programmes with my clients, I focus on clarity. Clarity includes understanding exactly what somebody wants, needs and why (wants and needs may be very different!) and helps to answer the question I am often asked: What’s my English level? The ‘why’ explores their vision of success for their English communication and …

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