culture cuppa birthday gratitudes

Birthday gratitudes

Listen here: Listen: Apple Podcast Listen: Spotify Watch: Youtube Listen: Google Listen: Stitcher Watch here: 20th March is the UN International Day of Happiness. The call for the day is that we can create a happier and kinder world together by adopting a simple, daily practice: ● Be mindful ● Be grateful ● Be kind …

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culture cuppa the new rules of meetings

The new rules of meetings

Listen here: Watch here: According to the Harvard Business Review research, a vast majority, 92% of employees consider meetings costly and unproductive. Although the pandemic years have led to shorter meetings, the same research says that the number of meetings overall have increased +13.5%, leading to even more ‘Zoom fatigue’ and technostress. In 2023, it’s …

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culture cuppa overcoming team cultural and communication challenges

Overcoming team cultural & communication challenges

Listen here: Watch here: When working in multilingual and multicultural global teams we can experience situations where a few voices dominate in meetings, while others are quiet. If we do not fully understand the cultural and communication challenges that individuals may experience, it can lead to frustrating, unproductive meetings. As team and project leaders, we …

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