Communicating with vulnerability

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Vulnerability is a hot topic and seems to be spoken about everywhere. Leaders are being encouraged to be vulnerable with their teams for teams to be vulnerable with each other, and yet there is also a sense of wanting to be a leader.

A client, who is a senior leader in their organisation, was recently asking me in coaching about vulnerability and how they found it challenging to know what it meant for them. They wanted to explore how they could be authentic in communicating with vulnerability in a way which was comfortable to them.

That is why in today’s episode, I am sharing more on how you can communicate with vulnerability.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why is vulnerability important now
  • How cultural differences impact how people express vulnerability
  • What isn’t vulnerability
  • The 3 levels of vulnerability
    • Level 1 – Who are you
    • Level 2 – What you do
    • Level 3 – How you feel
  • When you don’t feel comfortable to share

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