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When you are job searching, you want to communicate professionally and confidently in your interviews, and also when you start your new role.

You want to know the key cultural dynamics so you can make a great impression and connect well with recruiters, managers and your new team when you start.

These were the themes of a recent workshop I did for Roehampton University for their postgrad students.

Although this was targeted at students in their early stages of career, I felt these themes were relevant for anybody job searching or establishing a new direction to their career in the UK today, and wanted to share topline insights here for everyone to benefit from!

In today’s episode, we explore professional communication and culture for the UK.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How much time is wasted in the workplace due to communication issues
  • Communication matters for your career
  • Key cultural principles for working in the UK
  • Interpreting feedback in the UK: what you might hear, and what it really means
  • Approach to writing professional emails
  • Professional emails: common mistakes

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