Guest interview: Authentic global leadership with Katie Keith

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Today’s guest is Katie Keith, Executive Director with Global Chamber London and also Head of B2B Partnerships with Currencies Direct.

She talks about creating space for effective communication in global teams, including how to build psychological safety in teams, we explore authentic global leadership, and how listening skills are critical in conversations and even in emails, to read between the lines. Finally, as somebody who is already leading her own portfolio career, Katie shares her perspectives on why it works.

Katie is a thought leader with 20 years’ experience within the Corporate and Retail Banking spaces, which means she has extensive exposure to corporate leadership, business growth and change management strategies within the business and finance sector. She recently completed an MSc with Henley Business School, focused on extending my leadership practice in Executive Coaching and Behavioural Change.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to make communication flow in global teams
  • Creating space with colleagues for open and effective communication
  • Authentic leadership plays a key role in effective communication
  • Building psychological safety with different cultures
  • Listening in conversations, and in emails
  • How sales team experts use listening skills
  • Developing listening skills to understand what is not being said or expressed
  • How to have a portfolio career and the future of work
  • Collaborating effectively when working across time zones and borders

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