Guest interview: Communication for global teams to thrive with Febronia Ruocco

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Today we are starting a new era on this podcast as we start hosting guests to share with you a range of perspectives on successful communication, developing confidence and cross-cultural working from leading experts in the business world.

Our first guest is Febronia Ruocco, Strategic Insights Professional & Executive Coach, who talks about encouraging multilingual and multicultural teams to thrive with their communication, the blocks that get in the way of us communicating confidently and building social connection, plus the key factors which will change the way we communicate in the future.

Febronia has led insight teams for big brands such as Cadbury-Schweppes, Diageo, Heinz, Premier, General Mills, Heineken and GSK. She is also currently setting up her own Executive Coaching practice.

Her mission is to empower global marketing, and other sector professionals, in leadership roles to realise their career goals, unlocking their full potential. Febronia is a University mentor and marketing lecturer as well as a mentor for WIRe, mentoring high achieving women in the insights/MRX space.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The challenges and opportunities of working cross-culturally in business
  • How to communicate clearly in multilingual teams
  • As a manager how you can help your team to feel at ease, encourage everyone to speak and fully participate
  • The challenges of jargon and acronyms at work
  • Your communication influences your nervous system
  •  Calming your nerves when communicating under pressure
  • Why communication agility helps with perfectionism
  • The future of communication
  • Building social connection in remote and hybrid teams

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