Guest interview: Cultural stereotypes vs reality: the Gulf with Corina Goetz

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Corina Goetz is our guest today on Cultural Communication Confidence. She is the Founder of Star-CaT, a Middle East Strategist and Cultural Expert for the Gulf. Corina helps Westerners further their cultural understanding, and create better relationships in the region and therefore grow and expand their businesses.

Corina and I had a fascinating conversation, where we explored stereotypes in the Gulf, how cultural insight is important for business, and the main differences between the West and the Gulf in reality.

She shares common mistakes businesses make when they try to expand here, including how to adapt your communication approach in interactions. Corina also talks about her tips on being a woman visiting the Gulf, and how to make the most of the rapidly growing commercial opportunities.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Stereotypes of the Gulf region
  • The most common mistakes businesses make when expanding in the region
  • How to adapt your communication style and interaction approach to successfully connect with potential clients
  • Insights to visiting Saudi Arabia as a woman- myths and current reality
  • Reality today and the rapidly changing business environment in Saudi Arabia
  • How to develop cultural intelligence for doing business in the region
  • Future business opportunities

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