Key blockers to communication confidence

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Do you feel stressed and under pressure to speak at the right level, fully expressing and sharing your value – your skills, expertise and personality?

Do you worry about how you sound and come across at work?

Do you feel like you’re not fully heard or visible?

I often meet international executives who feel blocked in their communication confidence. They are on their journey to the next level and want to elevate and amplify their communication to leadership levels.

They are knowledgeable, talented and expert at what they do.

Yet somehow their communication confidence holds them back. Maybe this is you too?

You want to build your confidence to speak up, talk clearly, concisely and with impact, and share your value as a next-level leader.

Imagine speaking like the global leader you aspire to be. In today’s episode we’re talking about key blockers to communication confidence and strategies to deal with them.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The key communication confidence blockers:
    •  You label and judge yourself
    • The perfectionism trap
    • Comparing yourself to others
    • Avoidance and holding yourself back from opportunities
  • The strategies to build your confidence to speak up and share your value as a next-level leader.

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