What is cultural intelligence coaching?

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The challenges that organizations face when doing business in different cultures

Hybrid and remote working for virtual teams located across countries is the norm for global organizations now.

This way of working can be incredibly productive and effective when building team trust levels, and individuals and groups have a good understanding of each other.

However, challenges in global organizations come up when you do not appreciate that there is more than one globalized way of doing business, and do not take into consideration working preferences, behavioral norms and communication styles which vary from culture to culture.


What is cultural intelligence CQ?

We increasingly work in culturally diverse environments, whether across borders, when relocating, or working with a team in one location. Developing cultural intelligence goes beyond cultural awareness or cultural sensitivity to give us a nuanced way to see the people we work with, as well as the capabilities to decode others’ behaviors, their views on ‘what is professional’ and accepted ways of working. In addition, it gives us the strategies to understand when and how to adapt.

The Cultural Intelligence Center shares this definition of cultural intelligence:

‘Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function and relate effectively in culturally diverse situations.’

Cultural intelligence coaching, sometimes known as cross cultural coaching, cultural competence training, developing CQ, or cultural awareness coaching, is a key way to build the capabilities, skills and strategies to be successful.

Do your teams need support to develop their cultural intelligence?

Cultural intelligence is validated by research

The cultural intelligence approach used in our coaching and training originates from the Cultural Intelligence Center, for whom Victoria Rennoldson is an associate trainer. It is validated through 20+ years of research, in 1148+ peer reviewed studies, and includes 150,000+ people surveyed through their CQ cultural intelligence assessments in 148 countries.

In addition, there are numerous case studies from a variety of sectors to demonstrate the impact of cultural intelligence coaching and training for individuals and organizations.

The benefits of cultural intelligence coaching

There are many benefits for the leader, individual contributor, team and organization when developing cultural intelligence, including:

  • A stronger foundation for trust in the team, and an inclusive team approach, appreciating the diversity of individuals, their cultural backgrounds, and what they bring to work.
  • Supporting leaders to adapt their leadership approach to become more effective and succeed in diverse environments and in multicultural contexts.
  • Helping companies to navigate and succeed in global markets with developing new business and building great relationships with their customers.
  • An opportunity to improve innovation and bring ideas to market faster through bringing more diverse views and more collaborative teamwork to deliver projects.
  • Supporting project delivery, ensuring the team works effectively together to deliver sales, profit and cost-savings.
  • Improved communication, collaboration, decision-making and productivity in teams, especially when working virtually and across cultures.
  • Developing self-awareness of personal cultural values, cultural knowledge of other people in the team, and developing cultural agility to adapt yourself to different contexts.

When to use cultural intelligence?

There are many applications for using cultural intelligence coaching, including in

  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Global relocation
  • Creating new teams and project kick off
  • Understanding changes in organizations
  • Understanding the cultures of different departments and functions

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What are the 4 capabilities of cultural intelligence?

The 4 key capabilities of cultural intelligence can be measured and assessed for progress. These capabilities are the basis of the CQ cultural intelligence assessments we use in our cultural coaching and training, which can be used with individuals, teams and have the option for 360 feedback.

  • CQ Drive: Your level of interest, persistence and confidence during multicultural interactions.
  • CQ Knowledge: Your understanding about how cultures are similar and different.
  • CQ Strategy: Your awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.
  • CQ Action: Your ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts.

How is CQ cultural intelligence different from EQ Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is defined as, ‘the ability to understand and control your own feelings, and to understand the feelings of others and react to them in a suitable way’.

The challenge is that the way we express our feelings and emotions is culturally-driven, so when we try to interpret others’ reactions through our own cultural lens, then we may misinterpret the emotion.

It is often said that cultural intelligence starts where emotional intelligence left off, and so CQ gives us the means to decode others’ emotions, and understand their real meaning, and choose how to react in a culturally appropriate way, which might mean adapting our communication, non verbal communication or behaviors.

How can CQ cultural intelligence coaching help you improve?

Our coaching can support you and your teams with feedback on your own CQ capabilities after you have taken the CQ assessment.

We then use this as a basis for coaching and training you in how to develop your CQ drive, CQ knowledge, CQ strategy and CQ action.

As a certified Cultural Intelligence Associate Trainer and Coach, Victoria Rennoldson provides evaluations and 360 assessments to identify a strategic action plan to help you improve your cultural intelligence capabilities, which supports your leaders, your employees and your organization’s effectiveness.

Get in touch to develop your Cultural Intelligence CQ, and we can discuss your people’s and organization’s current challenges and needs.

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